Light, please!

A kitchen needs the right lighting concept to become an atmospheric, unique living space. Recessed lighting based on modern LED technology and a variety of operating concepts bring completely new possibilities to lighting design. A sophisticated balance of mood and working light underlines the design and colour scheme of the kitchen. Like a beautiful symphony.


The LIFE lighting concept
Modern LEDs are at the heart of our lighting range, as they have a long service life and are extremely efficient. With their low installation depth and heat generation, they can
be optimally integrated into furniture. With a uniform 24 V plug system, there is no chance of any incompatible combinations of transformers and lights. This also provides a high degree of flexibility through additional functions that can be added to at any time.

Nowadays, there is more to light than just turning it on and off. Whether it’s mood light or working light, bright or dark, warm or cold, you can achieve all of this using the radio/dimming controller, which is simply plugged in between the transformer and the light. The various radio remote controls allow you to switch, dim and adjust the colour temperature of individual or multiple lights at once.

Welcome home!

The kitchen becomes a living room. A WOW experience of platinum-grey oak and brown antique natural stone. Both atmospheric and chic, innovative function, this extraordinary composition combines exquisite design, warmly illuminated shelving and intelligent storage space. Based around a new architectural concept, the long counter, which joins the centred work block, is a strikingly modernist way of dividing up the room. With a kitchen like this, there’s almost no need for a living room.

Design. Suits you!

Perfectly framed! The FRAME shelf system
Available in deep black metal, with clear forms and a high degree of individuality, the FRAME shelf provides a very special twist to every room. The delicate black microstructure of the metal frames offers a range of design opportunities with the freely plannable 25 mm shelves. With the optional mood lighting and in combination with our back panels, you can even plan entire cabinets or interim spaces.

Panel shelving system
This is a classic bookshelf reimagined. The stylish system of sides and floors that can be planned without a grid is a master when it comes to presenting and designing large wall surfaces or room dividers. The 25-mm panels provide stable connections that elegantly highlight all of your best ideas on the shelf.

The cubic 18-mm aluminium design is easy to assemble and creates clear lines in your plan. Whether suspended on the wall or integrated into the kitchen unit or island to break things up, open presentation has never been easier.

Cleaning up made easy
Large doors are very trendy, but they need a lot of space. No question. Our pocket doors present a sense of spacious modernity when closed and disappear into the door pocket when open. Great if you’d like to magic away mess and clean up worktops quickly .

Room-in-room solutions
With the passage door in the kitchen, you get another room for free. Perfect for additional little pantries or even entire utility rooms that are a real plus in helping to organise your home. The smooth motion sequence, understated fittings and storage space used by the shelf create a cleverly designed fitting concept from front to back. And lots more usage options.


Cabinet endings
What starts with the loving selection of materials and colours should not stop with the finer details. For stylish, intricate planning, the uprights and side casings also need some finishing touches. In addition to an extensive range of decors, there are also various design options available. Perfectly matches the style of your kitchen.

Modern country house
Traditionally rustic or a modern touch? This doesn’t have to be a contradiction. With a selection of lacquered fronts with different milling and solid wood fronts in various designs, both are possible. Various types of pilasters, shelf types and chimney hoods give your kitchen a distinctive, individual touch and enable practically limitless planning and design freedom.

Clever kitchen aids improve all kitchen plans in terms of design and functionality. Our range includes various divisions for organisation, integrated sockets, table bases, table and bench frames, consoles and shelf supports.

We care about your health. Our OZONOS air cleaner combats kitchen odours. This makes use of the benefits of natural ozone and not only provides fresh, clean air, but is also effective against viruses and bacteria. Easy to integrate, including in existing kitchens, and a more visually understated replacement for the classic extractor hood.